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Qatar culture
Culture: the ideas, customs, and social behavior
of a particular people or society.
"Afro-Caribbean culture"
Qatar: officially the State of Qatar is a sovereign Arab emirate,
located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula
on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian
Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the
south, with the rest of its territory surrounded by the Persian
gulf. A strait in the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the
nearby island state of Bahrain.
Map of Qatar
This is the ancient pre-Islamic beliefs of the
Arab people.
The main god in the Arabian peninsula was
Hubal who is regarded as the most notable
and chief of the gods.
Other gods
Manaf was a god related to women and
Wadd was a god of love and friendship. Snakes
were believed to be sacred to Wadd.
Amm was a moon god worshipped in ancient
Qataban. He was revered as in association with
the weather, especially lightning.( quataban was
the ancient south arabian kingdom)
Ta'lab was a god worshipped in southern
Arabia, particularly in Sheba and also a moon
god. His oracle was consulted for advice.
Dhu'l-Halasa was a god of south Arabia. He
was venerated in the form of a white stone.
Al-Qaum was the god of war and the night,
and also guardian of caravans.
Dushara was a god, his name meaning “Lord
of mountains”
Etiquette and customs in Qatar
Don’t offer alcoholic drinks to a Qatari, unless
you’re certain that he drinks alcohol. This can
cause great offence.
Don’t walk on a prayer mat or in front of any
person at prayer and try not to stare at people
who are praying.
Don’t try to enter a mosque without first asking
permission. It’s unlikely that you will be allowed
Nasnas is "half a human being; having half a
head, half a body, one arm, one leg, with which it
hops with much agility". It was believed to be the
offspring of a demon called a Shiqq and a human
are desert-dwelling, shapeshifting
demons that can assume the guise of animal,
especially hyenas. These creatures also prey on
young children, rob graves, drink blood, and eat
the dead
Don’t beckon to people with a finger, as this is
considered particularly impolite. Qataris might
use such a gesture to summon a dog.
Avoid shouting and displays of aggression or
drunkenness at all times, as such behaviors are
rarely tolerated.
During Ramadan, don’t eat, drink or smoke
anywhere where you can be seen by Muslims
during the hours of daylight and don’t engage in
any noisy behavior or embrace or kiss anyone in
Gift giving Etiquette
If you are invited to a Qatari's house bring
something small as a thank you.
Flowers do not make good gifts from a man,
although a woman could give them to her
Gifts are not opened when received.
Dinning Etiquette
Qataris socialize primarily in restaurants and
international hotels when entertaining
expatriates whom they do not know well.
After some time you will be invited to the
Entertainment will generally be same-sex
only. If both sexes are included, they will be in
separate rooms.
If you are invited to a Qatar’s house
You would usually remove your shoes.
Dress conservatively.
Try to arrive at the invited time. Punctuality is
appreciated but not crucial.
Show respect for the elders by greeting them
If you are invited for a meal, understand that
there will be a great deal of socializing and small
talk before the meal is served.
Table manners
If the meal is on the floor, sit cross-legged or kneel on one
Eat only with the right hand as the left is considered
Try a bit of everything that is served.
Meals are generally served family-style.
Honoured guests are often offered the most prized pieces
such as a sheep's head so be prepared!
There is often more food than you can eat. Part of Qatari
hospitality and generosity is to shower guests with
There is little conversation during meals so that diners may
relish the food.
Dress Etiquette
Most Qataris wear long white thobes
Dress well if you want to make a good
Business women should make certain that
their collarbones and knees are covered and
that their clothes are not form-fitting.
Qatar traditional costumes
Music instruments
Wedding costumes
Comparison to Rwandan culture