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Copy of MU 2.2 Copy of Student Activity Packet

Money and Me
MU-2.2 Social Media and Spending
Student Activity Packet
Name: Taryn Day
In this lesson, you will learn to:
Understand how social media can influence spending habits
Analyze marketing techniques from social media and advertisements that encourage spending
Estimated time: 5 mins
How can Facebook make
you poorer?
Answer the question on the
first slide in the box. Then,
compare your answer to the
answer on the second slide.
Finally, follow your teacher’s
directions on how to answer
the follow-up questions on
the last slide.
How can Facebook make you poorer?
It advertises products to you which look good but are not needed. It
makes you feel like you need certain luxury items as well because you see
celebrities or friends wearing them.
Estimated time: 10 mins
Brands Lean on
‘Influencers’ to Hook
Generation Z
Social media platforms can
be powerful tools for
learning and sharing
information. However, they
can also affect our thinking
around what we decide to
spend our money on as
consumers. Brands and
companies are now relying
on social media ‘influencers’
to encourage consumers to
purchase their products.
Watch this video until the
end of the social media
section (5:12) to learn about
how brands are strategically
partnering with influencers
to create content that is
specific for Gen Z social
media users. Then, answer
the questions.
Define what a social media influencer does.
They advertise a certain lifestyle by posting photos and videos of
themselves or others. They make money from streaming while people
donate to them or sponsor products.
From your personal experience, what makes you decide whether or not
to follow a specific influencer? If you don't use social media, what
influences whether or not you'll buy something from a specific brand?
What they advertise, their character, and if I like their content.
Last updated: 1/8/20
Explain why brands are drifting away from celebrities and supermodels
for advertisements and instead leaning on influencers to help advertise
their products.
Because they are going for a younger audience which influencers can
reach better than some celebrities can.
Estimated time: 10 mins
The Influence of Instagram
Social media platforms can
be powerful tools for
learning and sharing
information, but in contrast,
can also affect our thinking
around what we can spend
our money on as
consumers. Review this
infographic to learn about
how Instagram can
influence spending and
answer the questions.
What percent of Instagram users reported making purchasing decisions
based on something they saw on the app?
Why do you think that luxury brands are particularly interested in
investing in social media influencers?
I think they are making good decisions as people strive to be like
influencers so when they see them advertise and wear a luxury product,
they want it.
There is an inverse relationship between followers and engagement -surprisingly, the more followers, the LESS engagement with posts. Why
do you think non-celebrities are able to influence buying behavior?
Because they have less followers and can engage more with their
audience, therefore the audience is more connected with the influencer
and wants to buy the things they advertise.
Have you ever purchased something based on the recommendation of a
social media influencer? If so, explain what you purchased, who the
influencer was, and why their recommendation mattered. If not, how
have you avoided the urge to buy based on social media?
I have not bought anything, I just ask myself if I really need it.
Last updated: 1/8/20
Estimated time: 25 mins
ANALYZE: The Influence of
Social Media
For how much time we
spend on social media, have
you ever thought about
how certain posts can
influence what you spend
your money on? Follow the
directions in this activity to
learn about various tactics
that influencers and brands
use to market products.
Exit Ticket
Follow your teacher’s
directions to complete the
Exit Ticket.
Estimated time: 5 mins
Last updated: 1/8/20