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Lenses of Peace

Discuss the lenses of peace.
Despite this, we can't agree on what peace is. According to Rummel, R.J peace
is sometimes defined as "peace without violence," which is recorded in the New
Testament and may be the origin of the Greek word for peace, Irene. Pacifists, who
believe all violence is harmful, agree. This interpretation is widely accepted among
irenologists and international relations scholars and it is the dictionary's main definition.
Peace is characterized as concord, harmony, and serenity, it is a source of tranquillity
especially in the East. Peace is the polar opposite of conflict, violence, and war. This
phrase includes both internal (thought or nation) and external (relations). Other
possibilities include a specific partnership in a specific context (like a peace treaty) or a
broad community (as in a world peace). Peace might be passive or active, empirical or
abstract, descriptive or normative, positive or negative. This is problematic since peace
is defined by a philosophy or framework and all concepts are defined within a theory or
cognitive framework, which I've previously called a perspective. Perspective gives
significance to peace by linking it to other notions within a certain sense of reality, such
as violence, history, divine grace, and justice thus peace bound to a description of
reality and each other.