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----------------------------------------------Question no 1
Social Work
A body of knowledge to learn a scientific
Helping Individuals, groups, or
approach to study and identify the social
communities to enhance social
functioning and create conditions.
Its main goal is to understand social
It identifies the problems in a society by
situations and look for repeating patterns
using different techniques and research
in society.
methods by applying practical approach.
It studies theoretical aspects of society.
It studies the practical aspects of society.
Sociology helps to identify the problems
It helps to solve the problem of the
in society.
Question no 2
Following are the some social factors that lead to an increase in suicidal
tendencies in the youth:
Mental Ailments:
Owing to mental/psychological diseases people commit suicides.
This process starts when a disease like depression, hypertension, insomnia
etc begins to get worse and makes sufferer to come across with suicidal
thoughts followed by practically doing it.
In a family when parents draw a contrast between their children be
it any walk of life; their studies, their co-curricular activities and give
priority either of their children, it hits them mentally leading to lack of
self-confidence and other psychological conditions. It can lead a person to
suicidal thoughts and finally to committing it actually.
Academic Pressure:
Every student has a yearn to get a good result in their examination
in which they've appeared but not every student works hard up to such
extent that they obtain desired result. When a student working hard doesn't
perform up to mark on consistent basis, he or she can commit suicide.
It is one of the reasons that compel people to commit suicide. Due
to unemployment, people don't possess enough money to meet their
expenses. They can expose themselves to taunts from peers, family and
friends who can deteriorate the situation to such an extent where victim
either is encouraged to crimes or to suicide.
Martial Relationships:
People head to the way of committing suicide when they don't get
their love materialized. In another scenario when two partners get in to
scuffles and quarrels on daily basis, it can make either or both of them to
end up their lives.
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