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Anatomy of the Eye (Coloring)

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The Anatomy of the Eye (Coloring)
Optic Nerve (blue)
Optic Disk (yellow)
Fovea Centralis (gray)
Vitreous Humor (pink)
Aqueous Humor (yellow)
Choroid (red)
Cornea (dark green)
Pupil (black)
Iris (brown)
Ciliary Body (orange)
Retina (blue)
Lens (light blue)
Sclera (light green)
Which part of the eye…..
1. Changes how much light enters the eye: ________________________________
2. Changes the shape of the lens (focusing) ________________________________
3. Contains vessels which supply blood ___________________________________
4. Contains the cells that are sensitive to light (rods and cones) _______________________
5. Focuses light to the back of the eye. _________________________________
6. Is the white of the eye _________________________________
7. Transmits visual information to the brain ______________________________
8. Is the transparent layer at the front of the eye _____________________________