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Chapter 14 discussion board

Chapter 14 discussion board
Chapter 14 largely covered two essential and interesting topics; body image and mental
health. What was most exciting about these topics is that they are an essential and are evident in
our day-to-day activities. Body image is particularly an important area in our daily interactions
especially on social media pages. It is also connected to mental health as it can affect our mental
well-being based on our positivity about our body image. I was excited to learn that the social
media is a huge player on how we perceive or appreciate our body image.
Social media has the power to invoke positive or negative intuitions about our body
image. For example, various pictures shared by models and celebrities on social media represents
them as having an ideal body structure, form and shape. This has a great impact on an
individual’s assessment of his/her body image by comparing it with that of others. This chapter is
enlightening not only for course purposes but also for real life scenarios. body image has been a
major issue thus resulting to poor physical and mental health where some people will underfeed
to lose weight and achieve the ideal body while affecting their body and mental health. The
chapter brought to light a lot of important factors to consider while addressing body image.
Response sample 2
I completely agree with your observation on the role social media plays on body image.
Social media, films and other media outlets create a perception on what an ideal body should
look like thus forming a basis on how people view themselves. I also acknowledged your
connection between body image and mental health. Perceptions of body image have affected
people’s mental health especially teenagers. For example, few likes or body critics on social
media post have caused depression and anxiety to many teenagers. The power of social media
and body image can also been seen through various photo editing applications that allows
individuals to edit their images before posting to meet the perceived qualities of an ideal body.
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