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Eco-friendly Birthday

Sustainable Birthday!
You will be planning a birthday party! On the left side you will write out what you would do if you were
to plan a birthday party. Then on the right side you will share what you can do to make more
environmentally friendly choices. On the back side there are some specific questions to make sure you
have considered everything.
Original Birthday plan
Food and Drink (what will everyone eat/ Drink?
List what you will have to purchase)
Environmental Friendly changes
What food labels will you be looking for? Choose
food items with healthy ingredients and list them
Cake (purchase where? make it or buy it?
Describe what type and list ingredients you can
copy and paste list here)
Cake ( list here the best cake without hidden toxic
chemicals, be sure the list the ingredients this can
be store bought our made)
Food serving (plates, eating utensils etc.)
List 3 items
Food serving (what is the best thing for everyone
to eat off of and with?) list 3 items
Birthday Decorations (list what you would
normally decorate with for a party)
List 5 items
What could you use to decorate with to make the
decorations more eco-friendly? (you can cut and
paste pictures here as well)
List 5 items
Activities (what will your guest be doing?)
List at least 2 things
Activities (What are somethings you could plan
that are more eco-friendly OR promote
environmental awareness?)
List at least 2
Gifts (what gifts would you normally receive?)
List 3 items
Gifts (what are somethings you could ask for that
is more eco-friendly or will help you live more
List 3 items
1. label would you look for to buy the best of each food item below?
2. What should you look for when reading ingredients on food labels to avoid toxins and chemicals
that can cause cancer or hormone imbalance?
3. What is the danger latex balloons cause to the environment? Balloonsblow.org
What can we do instead?
4. Look up Eco-friendly Birthday ideas and list 3 great ideas not yet shared on this worksheet.