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Pipe Stress Analysis Services
There are many reasons why piping systems need to be subjected to an accurate stress analysis. They could
contain harmful or hazardous substances or they may be operating at high pressures and temperatures. It
could be that the pipe medium is not dangerous or at extreme conditions but that the system connects to
sensitive equipment where loads must be kept to a minimum. Typical systems are those in chemical plants,
power stations, oil and gas applications (including AGI’s), on-board piping systems (FPSO’s), and often
general utilities such as water. It is usual that such systems are designed to a recognised code to obtain a
complete stress analysis in order to gain confidence in the safety of the system and/or obtain statutory
approval. In these instances, manual calculations become difficult, time consuming and expensive.
Fern has the expertise, resources, and efficient cost base to carry out stress analysis services to a high standard
at very competitive rates. Projects can be undertaken for most petrochemical, power, offshore, and gas
transmission codes; these include B31.3, B31.1, ASME NC/ND, B31.8, IGE/TD12, EN 13480 and many
others. Our experience is wide ranging and covers the Power Industry (including nuclear work on stations
such as Dungeness B, Dounreay, Heysham 2, Torness, and Sizewell B), Petrochemical,
Pharmaceutical/Chemical, Offshore, Gas Transmission, FPSO Systems and Sugar Plant Piping.
We use CAESAR II software for our stress analyses. CAESAR II is the industry standard software for
stress analysis of piping systems in the power, process and related industries. The latest version of CAESAR
II is used for our Pipe Stress Analysis Services. Other software, such as CADWorx Plant can be used to
create the piping model quickly and easily and then transferred to CAESAR II for analysis, saving time and
money. CADWorx Plant can also be used to create deliverables in the form of Layout Drawings, Stress
Isometrics, and Fabrication Isometrics.
Hot and/or safety critical piping systems present a unique problem to the mechanical engineer or analyst. In
addition to requiring strategically placed supports to carry their own weight, these systems often experience
great thermal strain which must be absorbed by the piping, supports, and attached equipment.
Analysis of the piping model in CAESAR II calculates these loads, displacements, and stresses. Our expertise
and experience allows us to interpret the analysis results, check for a compliant system, and make
recommendations accordingly.
This can involve;
• assessment of stress levels against design code allowable limits
• comparison of actual versus permitted loads on equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, turbines,
• checks of permissible levels of displacement to ensure that spatial envelopes are maintained or to
ensure that pipes do not move off supports
• spring selections where variable or constant effort supports are required
• checks for excitation frequencies from a modal analysis
• finite element analysis on nozzle connections to calculate stiffnesses and/or peak stresses. FE stress
calculations are sometimes required when ‘traditional’ methods prove too conservative
• other acceptance criteria such as load limitations on steelwork, limiting local stress on vessels (using
WRC 107/297, PD 5500 Appendix G, or FEA techniques)
Loads can be assessed against standards such as API 610, API 617, API 661, API 560, NEMA SM23 and the
HEI standard.
Static or Dynamic Analysis
Fern is able to assist with both Static and Dynamic Analysis requirements. We have experience in the analysis
of piping systems under wind loading, ‘g’ loading, sub-sea, earthquake excitation, relief valve closure, slug
flow and rapid valve closure in additional to normal Static analysis load cases involving pressure and
We are able to provide quotations based upon a fixed price or daily rate.
Our design service takes the analysis a stage further and includes a number of minor iterations for system redesign in order to resolve any non-compliance.
Re-design can range from the replacement of a fitting through to the re-routing of piping or the inclusion of
additional flexibility in the form of pipe loops or expansion bellows.
Should additional more complex design iterations be required, the customer is always consulted and
agreement obtained before proceeding.
A stress report will be produced to communicate the findings. Typically, the report includes;
Introduction and background
- Analysis requirements
- Summary of findings
- Drawing and document references
- Boundary conditions
- Assumptions
- Load cases analysed
- Summary of results
- Comparison of stresses with code allowables
- Support loads and movements (may be on Stress Isometric only)
- Forces and Moments on external plant items (may be on Stress Isometric only)
- A discussion of the results with any pertinent comments and/or recommendations
Much of the above information is often provided in the form of a dimensioned stress isometric(s).
We have considerable resources in terms of both software capability and staff experience. Our principal
analysts have spent considerable time in Vessel and Piping Design within the Process, Power, Petrochemical,
Oil and Gas, and Utilities industries.
Mr Steve Gillott BSc Mech Eng (Hons), MBA
CAE Manager
25 years in Pipe Stress Analysis and Design
5 years in the Nuclear Industry
12 years supporting and training in the use of Piping and Vessel Design Software
Software used includes CAESAR II, PSA 5, ADLPipe, AutoPIPE, QSE, Strudl, PV-Elite, CodeCalc, FE/Pipe,
CADWorx Plant, NozzlePRO, FE/Pipe
Mr Dave Bennett C.Eng.M.I.Mech.E M.I.E.D
Senior Applications Engineer
22 years in pipework industry
19 years in nuclear industry
8 years in Sugar industry
5 years supporting and training in the use of Piping and Vessel Design Software
Software used includes CAESAR II, PSA 5, PV-Elite, CodeCalc, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Nastran, CADWorx
Plant, NozzlePRO, FE/Pipe
Mr Naveed Khan BSc Mech Eng (Hons)
Applications Engineer
18 months in Pipe Stress Analysis, Design and training
Software used includes CAESAR II, PV-Elite, CodeCalc, CADWorx Plant, NozzlePRO
Mr DuncanMcElrue BSc (Hons)
Applications Engineer
10 months in Pipe Stress Analysis and Design
Software used includes CAESAR II, CADWorx Plant
For a quotation please contact Steve Gillott, details shown below.
+44 (0)1332 780790
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