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This week we look at different leadership styles. This post is in 2 parts first, reflect on your own
leadership style and discuss the attributes that align you with that style. The second part is to look at all
of the leadership styles in Box 11.1 in chapter 11 and compare and contrast styles looking at where or
when one might prove more beneficial over another. Research your articles on leadership styles to
share. Your initial post is due by 11:30 pm Wednesday, March 9th, and your peer review responses are
due by 11:30 pm Sunday, March 13th.
Morsiani, G., Bagnasco, A., & Sasso, L. (2017). How staff nurses perceive the impact of nurse managers’
leadership style in terms of job satisfaction: A mixed method study. Journal of Nursing Management,
25(2), p 119-128. https://doi.org/10.1111/jonm.12448