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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Process

(Quotation) With the evolving of technology in the present day, Artificial Intelligence has
evidently engulfed the world of marketing. Rapid changes in
have led to marketing being
centred around the giant, Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence is the ability that a computer or a robot that is controlled by a computer
poses which allows it to perform tasks that require human discernment and intelligence and
are in usual cases done by humans.
Artificial Narrow Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial Super Intelligence
When addressing the common issue of Artificial Intelligence having imposed negative
implications on the traditional marketing operations, the most voiced aspect is that of people
losing their jobs to machines and programs. Yes, they are part of the system and that does
affect the whole set of operations. However, there is more to it than retrenchment. A couple
of mishaps are often overlooked, some of these are explained in the following texts.
The emergence of Chatbots has led to a minimized face to face interaction system between
consumers and their suppliers. In the modern day, people interact the programmed Chabots
for services whereas there used to be face to face interactions. This has jeopardized the
necessary act of probing. It tends to be difficult to get certain enquiries attended to on time as
these Chatbots will be programmed to address specific issues.
Although Artificial Intelligence has negatively impacted the traditional system of marketing,
it is for the best. It has helped business grow their produce, market, as well as revenues. The
positivity that it imposes overshadows the effect that it has made on the old ways.
“Two-way communication via social media will be the name of the game.” (Jeremy Harrison)
Small and large companies are highly encouraged to resort to the use of social media as a
marketing tool. With the aid of brand ambassadors, there gets to be interaction between
consumers and users of the products or services who have a first-hand experience and can
relate. It also becomes the business’ advantage when their brand ambassadors are people with
a huge social media following. It helps them to reach out to a larger market. This is being
used by quite a number of companies and businesses in Zimbabwe. Zimoco engaged the
famous singer Tamy Moyo as their brand ambassador. This lures her supporters into doing
business with them. In December 2021, Coke South Africa teamed up with famous
YouTubers and TikTokers to reach out to their market.
With the aid of Chatbots, it is now faster to offer services to consumers. The programmed
system is always there to give assistance when needed.
In the recent years, there has been a widespread use of voice search. Voice search does not
only make search methods advanced, but it also helps different businesses to reach out to a
larger market as this is highly convenient to the blind as well as the illiterate (less educated).
Google search engine has voice search. Apple has adopted SIRI whom its users can
communicate with for various purposes. This voice search feature lures customers to be in
business with the provider of the service.
Authenticity is by far the most effective approach to marketing. In order to lure a larger and
more consistent market, businesses could opt to the art of authentic content marketing. People
like brilliant original ideas. They make the business unique and even fun to follow up on. It is
simply a way of giving the targeted market what they want, what they like to see and hear.
This can be in the form of blogs on websites. A few years back, Coke introduced the art of
engraving people’s names to their cans and bottles. This enticed their market as people
enjoyed buying drinks with their names on them. It also helped to build a bond with their
consumers and was a way of showing them that they care.