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Assignment March 21, 2022

March 21, 2022
Today’s Assignment
Find the coordinates for the following cities using earth.google.com. (Don’t forget to
turn on gridlines).
1. Los Angeles, USA
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Madrid, Spain
4. Sydney, Australia
5. Windsor, Canada
6. Paris, France
7. Guatemala City, Guatemala
8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9. Seoul, South Korea
10. Your Hometown (make sure to indicate where that is!)
Find the cities for the following coordinates using earth.google.com.
1. 34°S, 19°E
2. 32°N, 7°W
3. 60°N, 25°E
4. 47°N, 71°W
5. 5°S, 58°W
6. 21°N, 158°W
7. 5°N, 55°E
8. 52°N, 0°
9. 37°S, 175°E
10. 17°S, 180°
Today we discussed 3 types of projections. Research one more type and answer the
following questions.
1. How the map is made
2. Who invented this type of projection?
3. What are the benefits of this map/what it is used for?
4. What are the drawbacks of this type of map?