Geography puzzle coordinates using decimal

Using coordinates
Find the country* - the coordinates are for a city in that country. Next to the clue, write the city name!
NOTE: the coordinates used here are expressed correct to one decimal place – this is a different way
of expressing coordinates from the use of minutes, you will need to be careful.
One point for the country in the crossword – 2 points for every city!
1. 48°N 16°E
4. 41°N 2°E
6. 23°N 82°W
9. 37.5°N 23.5°E
10. 59.5°N 10.5°E
11. 30°N 31°E
12. 47°N 8°E
14. 48.5°N 2°E
16. 43.5°N 79°W
18. 41°S 174.5°E
19. 0° 78.5°W
20. 17.5°S 177°E
2. 26°S 28°E
3. 8°N 13°W
5. 35°N 139°E
6. 34°N 108.5°E
7. 34.5°S 56°W
8. 50°N 30°E
13. 51°N 0°
15. 33.5°N 73°E
17. 33.5°S 121.5°E