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Virtual machine

Creating virtual machines.
Dr. Danish Khan
Jan 2021
Lab objectives
Create three virtual machines; Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 and Kali Linux and verify
connectivity between them.
A virtual machine is a software computer that, like a physical machine, runs an operating system
and applications. A virtual machine uses the physical resources of the physical machine on which
it runs, which is called the host system. Virtual machines have virtual devices that provide the
same functionality as physical hardware, but with the additional benefits of portability,
manageability, and security. A virtual machine has an operating system and virtual resources that
you manage in much the same way that you manage a physical computer. For example, you install
an operating system in a virtual machine in the same way that you install an operating system on
a physical computer. You must have a CD-ROM, DVD, or ISO image that contains the installation
files from an operating system vendor. This paragraph is taken from the VMware documents
website (VMware, 2019) and for interested readers I have included the link under the heading
‘works cited’. Virtual machines are great to provide an isolated environment to test a software, OS
patch before deploying into production environment or test a vulnerability in the system without
affecting live systems or a host operating system.
Required resources
The lab instructions in this lab are written and tested based on VMware products. Due to a license
agreement between the college and VMware, I will be using VMware products. You can download
required resources from the Computer Security website. You need the following resources:
● Kali Linux VMware 64-bit image
● Windows Server 2016 ISO image
● VMware workstation player for Windows or VMfusion player for MAC
Note 1: You do not have to use VMware products and I am not advertising VMware products here. You
are free to use any other available products and this does not affect your answers you have to provide in the
reflection part at the end of the lab. However the lab instructions, video and/or screenshots may not match.
Watch the video available at the Computer Security website and then perform the reflection part
of the lab.
a. Verify that the IP address of all the virtual machines belongs to the same subnet.
Use a logical method to prove this.
b. Why does the ping response fail from Kali to Windows Server 2016, but the ping
works in another direction? How do you make the ping works?
End of lab configurations