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SQ Shawarma

PART II. Demand and Preferences
Instructions: For each question, please check the space which corresponds to your answer. There
are no right or wrong answers to these questions.
1. Do you consume fast food?
______Yes _____No
2. If yes, what particular fast food do you often consume? You may check all that apply.
______Shawarma Pita
______If others, please specify _____________
3. Where do you usually buy from?
______within our town
______in malls or out of town
4. How often do you consume fast food on a weekly basis?
______1-2 times
______3-4 times
______5-6 times
______7 times or more
5. How much are you willing to pay per order of a regular Shawarma Pita?
______Php55 to Php65
______Php66 to Php75
______Php76 to Php85
______Php86 to Php95
______Above Php95
6. Are you satisfied of the Shawarma Pita and other fast foods that you have tasted?
______No – If not, why? ______________________________________
Please write your comments and suggestions to make the product of this business more viable
and marketable.