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JD Asistant Sale Manager

Company: Gmoji
Position: Assistant Sale Manager
Report to:
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Actively approach targeted business clients (Telephone, email, Telegram, social
networks, events, etc.)
2. Search of corporate clients in b2b / b2c and signing of contract
3. Formation of P&L budget with ambitious plans, track and control of plan
4. Manage relationships with existing customers
5. Conduct market research (Analyze competitors, efficiency of sale strategies, etc.)
6. Optimize costs and improve productivity
7. Maintaining reporting documentation
8. Other assigned tasks
Job Requirements
• At least Bachelor degree in related field
• Prior experience in b2b / b2c sale desired
• good in English
• Demonstrated ability to maintain high level of enthusiasm and motivation
• Good at problem-solving and decision-making skills
• Good leadership and management skills
• Good organizational skills
• Ability to analyze problems and strategize for better solutions
• Ability to learn quickly, be highly responsible and understand working in a multicultural
• Proven experience in gifting industry
• Strong communication skills and experience in building long term relationships
I have read this position’s Duties and Responsibilities and understand the contents herein:
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Head Department
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