By: Mariel Leynes

By: Mariel Leynes
 Samuel Morse sent a telegraph message in
 Sears began telephone permitted electronic
voice transactions
 The type of business model or segment of a
larger business model, that enables a firm or
individual to conduct business over an
electronic network, typically the internet.
• B2B (Business to Business)
• B2C (Business to Consumer)
• C2B (Consumer to Business)
• C2C (Consumer to Consumer)
 Lower transaction costs
 Larger purchases per transaction
 Integration into the business cycle
 People can shop in different ways
 Larger catalogs
 Improved customer interactions
 Lack of a business model.
 Lack of trust and key public infrastructure.
 Slow navigation in the Internet.
 High risk of buying unsatisfactory products.
 Lack of security.