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Week 2 (filled)

MK2SX4 and MK2SX5 Week 2
Social Media Intern Tasks
Submission Date 27/01/2022
Continuing Professional Development:
Time allocation: 8 hours
Watch every video, take clear notes, and complete the training, then successfully pass the exam.
Add evidence of the completed certificate as part of your work pack at the end of the week.
Academic knowledge:
Time allocation: 6 hours
First, read chapter 2 of Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2019). Digital Marketing. Pearson
Education. You will need to be signed into the library to access this book.
Then, answer ALL of the following questions:
1. Why is environmental scanning necessary? (200 words)
Marketing requires a business to keep an eye on both little and significant changes.
Environmental scanning is used in both traditional and digital marketing. Studies of digital
competitive markets are conducted to better understand "click ecosystems." Some of the
biggest brands in the internet market have built their own "online market ecosystems" to
connect websites and share data. This improves user experience and increases market share. For
example, you may use Facebook's APIs to build audience profiles and run digital marketing
campaigns (Graph and Marketing). These APIs may be used to automate the interaction
between Facebook users' news feeds and personal profiles. Google has established its own
ecosystems for search marketing and mobile to take advantage of the growing number of digital
devices owned by consumers and businesses. Voice-activated Assistant and Google Home
devices let you operate smart home gadgets without ever touching a button or turning on a
light. Many people now have voice-activated PCs thanks to Amazon's Alexa ecosystem. Amazon
is essentially adopting Apple's long-established vertical integration strategy. An analysis of the
market should consider the value of these ecosystems, the resources necessary to sustain them,
and their online services. You should be conversant with several facets of digital marketing.
Activity 2.1 shows how to utilize the data sources provided in Section 2.1 to analyze the market.
2. How would you analyze the demand for digital marketing services? (200 words)
As the competitive economy, digital social groups, and new technologies continue to evolve,
marketers are feeling the strain. As digital media and technologies have proliferated, so has the
number of touchpoints involved in the path-to-purchase. Customers' purchasing decisions are
influenced by several aspects of the internet market. As a result, potential customers are
increasingly doing research on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets while they
are watching television. Multi-screening is a term for this. In addition to the digital impacts,
traditional media such as television, print, and radio advertising are also contributed. When it
comes to consumer market digital interactions, (electronic word-of-mouth) is a term of choice.
Social media and blogs are common tools used by digital marketers to foster among their target
consumers. To better understand how companies may use digital marketing strategies, the next
two chapters investigate how organizations can use digital environment analysis. Here, we'll talk
about the micro and macro environments, respectively. We begin by examining the macroenvironment and the digital marketing environment, then go on to examine how customers
interact with online marketplaces, and ultimately, we examine customers, competitors, and
suppliers in further depth. The last section of this chapter looks at e-commerce business models
and how they may be adapted to the digital market by present enterprises.
3. What are the main changes to channel structures that are facilitated through the internet?
(200 words)
There are several factors that contribute to this: search engines, media sites, blogs, review sites,
and social networks. Market research is currently focusing on how digital media and technology
may assist and damage firms, as well as new corporate forms and revenue streams.
Competitors. Benchmarking customer propositions and communications efforts against direct
and indirect rivals as well as organizations outside of your sector will assist you in identifying
new methods and digital marketing activities that need improvement. It is critical to understand
how organizations compete in a given market. a bigger comprehensive image A company's longterm strategy is also influenced by social, legal, and environmental considerations. Internal
audit. Another critical aspect of the circumstance necessitates an internal, self-reflective
examination of the scenario. One of the most crucial aspects of the scenario is an internal
examination of the company's present digital marketing strategy. We will look at KPIs and
dashboards, as well as the organizational skills and processes used to handle digital marketing,
to determine how effectively it is operating. These will be described as strengths and
weaknesses. The first stage in the process is to choose the appropriate objectives and KPIs to
utilize to assess your performance.
4. How should a marketing manager benchmark the online performance of competitors?
(200 words)
It's critical to keep an eye on the competitors while planning. Comparing an organization's digital
marketing approach to those of competitors. Investigating non-competitors for new ways to
enhance a company's own online offerings to identify dangers and possible improvements. As
indicated previously in this chapter, competitive benchmarking is guided by a knowledge of the
expectations of different client profiles. Service benchmarking addresses many goals and
Internal operations vs exterior customer-facing qualities.
The client lifecycle has three stages: That is, how well does a competitor do in paid and unpaid
search engine marketing?
3. From qualitative to quantitative: from consumer surveys to independent customer sourcing
audits (e.g. number of site visitors or reach within market, cost of acquisition, number of
customers, sales volumes and revenues, and market share).
A sector's websites vs internet publishers, social networks, or brand sites. The whole
architecture, message, and interaction are based on a professional evaluation to guarantee
broad accessibility. Even if any site type of research depends on a feature's existence or absence,
an expert review takes 10 hours. "Is it here or not?" "Is it there or not?"
Competitive intelligence sources like corporation filings and tax returns may also provide
revenue and profit data for digital channels. Future-looking competencies like resources,
innovation, and learning should also be examined.
Practical marketing skills:
Time allocation: 6 hours
Question 1: Plan 7 Tweets (1 per day) for @USWMarketing that are in line with the campaign aim
and submit each one below. You will need to use a Twitter post mock-up site, to show the image
and text, or alternatively you can use a Twitter post template from Canva and include the text to
accompany the image.
Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4
Post 5
Post 6
Question 2: Using 100 words per post (700 total) explain the aim of each post and your desired
Post 1: "Try one more time," as the title of this piece suggests. The goal of this Twitter post was to
spread positive energy across society and to provide a glimmer of hope to those who are
disheartened or on the point of giving up their fight against oppression and adversity. Since
nobody knows whether or not a previous effort was successful and whether or not they would be
able to reach their goal, the words of the saying inspire people to try once again into order to
accomplish their goal. So we need to convince ourselves selves to "Give another shot to our
As the title of this piece says, there are "7 Habits of Highly Successful People." It was my objective to
lay forth the seven most crucial behaviors for maintaining a successful existence in society in this
article. Make it a point to read at least one book per day as a habit. Make your health a top
priority. Investigate the lives of persons that inspire you. Make a plan for the day in advance of it
taking place. It is critical to keep your goals in mind at any given time. Even though it's terrifying, you
must take action. Remember to be grateful for what you have.
"9 Things to Quit," as the title implies, is the focus of this article. My goal was to highlight the nine
most important habits to give up in order to lead a successful life. These are the goals we're aiming
towards. The pursuit of complete satisfaction for everybody. Overthinking and a fear of change are
two of the most common reasons people avoid change. To be too critical of one's own performance
when one makes a mistake. Giving up your own pleasure for the sake of someone else's
happiness. Feeling you're not good enough 8. Believing you have no reason to exist
Permit yourself to be gentle to yourself. You are putting out your best effort. Remind yourself to be
proud of how far you've gone in life. Despite everything, you are very strong, and you possess the
internal resources necessary to continue. Accept your self-compassion. This is your finest attempt
yet, so keep up the good work! Maintain a positive outlook and acknowledge your successes
throughout your life. Despite all that has occurred, your fortitude and will to go on are evident.
You're going to triumph over whatever you've been battling. Your mind and emotions will quickly
regain their equilibrium. You're going to experience a sense of lightness. Everything is going to
become evident. Breathe your way through it. Take your time with it. Have faith in your ability to
succeed. Everything will work out OK. You only need to convince yourself that I will not hurry
anything. I'm not going to fret or obsess about how things will pan out for me. Rather than
overthinking, I'm going to connect my faith with divine timing and believe that everything that
belongs in my life is en route to me right now.
The aim of this post was to encourage those people who had bad experiences. People may suspect
you of having a hidden agenda if you are generous. There is no excuse not to be nice. People may be
envious of your good fortune if you discover it. Make the most of what you have. Your excellent
deeds now may be lost in the shuffle in the future. Do the right thing even if you don't feel like
it. Even if you put in your best effort, it may not be enough for the world. Do your best, no matter
Question 3: What metric(s) will you use to measure the success of your 7 posts? Explain your
decision (200 words)
Twitter may help attract new clients. Using matrices may help write a post.
it's well-known that A tweet is an impression that can acquire maximum following and does not
monitor who reads or just saw it. A general inclination to observe is good.
A tweet's monthly performance may be instructive through analytics graphs regarding the last 28
days performance to check rise and fall in participants.
User reactions to tweets reflect engagement. Comments, shares, and clicks on a tweet show its
popularity. Observing the audience's reaction may tell more. The analytics dashboard summarizes.
To succeed on Twitter, appropriate people must be targeted. The dashboard shows followers' ages,
localities, and habits. and profit which is helpful anyway. Statistics also help to determine the rise in
the following growth. Hashtags are essential in social media marketing to make work noticed.
The month's most retweeted tweets are presented. Consider last year's most popular tweets.
recognizing, A theme? Knowing what hashtags work may help future growth.
Video is vital in content marketing as most; customers want to see more video material from them
to understand the businesses. Twitter allows businesses to simply track their video content's
success. it can tell whether and how many people are viewing a video by how long they watch it.
Question 4: Using between 300 and 400 words, summarise everything you have learned this week
and identify what you have liked and disliked, explaining why (400 words)
Human personality models consist of five characteristics: sincerity, elation, competence,
sophistication, and toughness. Brand personality models consist of the same five characteristics:
sincerity elation, competence, sophistication, and toughness, with the addition of sincerity and
elation as the fifth characteristic (Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and
Toughness). Two features are incompatible with one another (Sophistication and Ruggedness).
A person's personal views and experiences are in direct contrast with the teachings of this week. My
mixed feelings about this training were brought to his attention as part of the evaluation process,
and I believed it was vital for him to know about them. As part of a formal school experience, the
curricular structure drew me in and allowed me to maintain my interest throughout. Short films with
questions accompanying them are fantastic, but the case study approach is superior; students gain
from engaging in peer assessments since it gives them a sense of belonging in a larger class group. A
logical flow runs through the material, which starts with describing marketing and concludes with an
assessment of how digital marketing has influenced them.
After being previously praised, a previously good course has now been elevated to the rank of a
course that everyone should participate in and profit from. It has been a thrilling experience for me
to understand how momentum is built from one marketing item to the next, and how this all
culminates in the end result of the campaign.
It also assisted me in honing my vital marketing abilities, which has enabled me to go further in my
career as a marketer as a result. This internship gave me the opportunity to interact directly with
customers and to prepare for immediate employment following graduation, both of which I much
liked. After graduating from college, I immediately began working in marketing, and I will be
eternally grateful to all of my professors and instructors for instilling in me so many vital skills
throughout my time there.