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Oct 14 HW

Name: Areeb Sajid
Student#: 3705060
ADM 1165 - Homework
For my short research report, I will be researching Tesla’s social media marketing strategy for
their electric car industry products. Tesla has a wide array of clean-energy products, such as
efficient batteries, solar panels, electric cars and more. Although it would be interested to
research about the other products, I am more intrigued by their electric car market and how
they use no money whatsoever on commercial advertising for their new/existing vehicles.
Tesla’s business model is simply to sell the best product that they can manufacture. As their
CEO Elon Musk has a great social media presence, a lot of insight is shared online which allows
customers to know that Musk simply believes that selling a great product is enough for wordof-mouth promotion and thus requiring no commercial advertising such as TV ads, billboards,
paid endorsements etc. Additionally, this strategy works perfectly for the company when
statistics are presented showing how quickly the multinational firm has gained prominence in
the last several years and has won the hearts of many loyal customers who love their Tesla cars.
For this report, I have currently looked over Tesla websites to gain basic knowledge on their
company, their mission and vision statements, what their end goal is with their
products/services and customer satisfaction. Aside from the firm’s official website, I plan to
look for peer reviewed journal articles, existing studies, I also want to look for books that
specifically talk about Tesla’s advertising journey. Lastly, I plan to use all the gathered
information to analyze the company’s presence on social media in contrast to a few other
electric automobile companies and how they differ.
I believe this planning is enough to have a solid framework to my report and I should be able to
go into extensive detail with the research I gather from scholarly sources.