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nikola tesla

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Nikola Tesla
• Nikola Tesla (10 July, 1856- 7 January 1943) was a Serbian
American__________, electrical engineer, mechanical __________,
physicist, and futurist who is the best known for his contribution to
design of modern _________ current (AC) electricity supply
________. From the 1890s through _________, Tesla spent a great
deal of time and __________on series of projects trying to develop
the transmission of electrical power without ___________. He could
see this as a not only a way to transmit _______ amounts of power
around the ______ but also, he had pointed out in his earlier
________ a way to transmit worldwide __________.
• I. Fill in the blanks with the following words:
alternating- communication- fortune- wires- engineer- 1906- lecturesinventor- large- system- world.
II. Think of inventors that would be easier to use if they were wireless.
Give three examples.
. Do you know tesla was into free energy for the world?
. If yoy had the opportunity to have only one Wireless technological
device, what would it be?, and why?
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