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Essay for Thoughts and Experiences in LSC for this Past Months

As a Student of La Salette of Cabatuan for over 7 years, My Experiences in this
School always exceeds my expectations. In 7 years, I made a lot of friends in this School.
The way my teachers teach us doesn’t disappoint me and they always explain and teach
very well. Our Lessons might be hard but there are always my teachers who will help to
understand that certain lesson. What I love about my teachers is that they always try
their best to help us understand the lesson.
I made a lot of friends this past months and some disappointed me and some did
not. There are so many problems I experienced between me and my friends but we
always find a way to solve our problem. Well I expected more of them but I accept them
all because this is the way they are and I cannot change it. I’m thankful to have my
friends to comfort me when I am sad or overthinking. I treat them all equally and I treat
them as my brothers and sisters.
As for the teachers, they are all ok. What I mean by ok is that they didn’t
disappoint me nor their teaching is bad. They did their best and being a teacher is hard.
I’m thankful to have kind teachers this School year. There are teachers who make us
laugh and happy and I’m thankful for that. If one of my teachers are reading this, we
remind you that all of your students love you very much including me and Thank you all
for your hard work.