The Valuable Lesson I Learned

The Valuable Lesson I Learned
This is the first time I came to Tainan alone for studying. Everything is new here
not only the university life but also the environment. Being here, I had to be
independent. It’s different from before. It seemed like I was released from the jail, and
I could do and buy everything I liked. I went shopping, ate at nice restaurants and
hung out with my new friends and classmates. I spent money whenever I went out.
As a result, I found out I didn’t have enough money in the following weeks, so I
phoned my father and told him my situation. He listened to me calmly, and asked me
to pay attention on my study. I felt thankful that he didn’t scold me, and forgave what
I have done. I promised myself I would try my best on my studying. I can’t disappoint
my father.