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2nd sessional Theory Exam - final

SGT University, Gurugram
Pharm. D. (Doctor in Pharmacy) First Year
First Sessional Examination (Theory), December 2021
Subject : Medicinal Biochemistry
Sub.code: 14110103
Time: 1.5 hrs
Max. Marks: 30
Section A
Part:I Objective type questions……….(MCQ)
Q 1. Which of the following renal function
tests are used to measure the Glomerular
filtration rate (GFR):
a) Clearance tests
b) Urine concentration tests
c) Urine dilution tests
d) Urine acidification tests
Q2. Failure of concentration capacity of urine is
assessed by measurement of
a) Inulin Clearance test
b) Fluid deprivation test
c) Acid load test
d) Creatinine Clearance test
Q3. Which of the following enzymes are used
as markers of hepatocellular injury
a) ALT & AST
b) ALP & GGT
c) LDH & CK
d) None of the above
Q4. Van der bergh reaction is direct positive in
a) Hemolytic jaundice
b) Obstructive Jaundice
c) Hepatocellular Jaundice
d) All of the above
Q5. Key enzyme in Urea synthesis is
a) Urease
b) Ornithine
c) Arginase
d) Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase
(10X1= 10)
Q6. What is a bond between amino acids
a) Ionic bond
b) Acidic bond
c) Peptide bond
d) Hydrogen bond
Q7. Process of biological oxidation takes place
a). Matrix
b). Outer mitochondrial membrane
c). Inner mitochondrial membrane 
d). F1 particles
Q8. At isoelectric pH, an amino acid exists as
a) Anion
b) Cation
c) Zwitterion
d) None of these
Q9. Serum Urea and Creatinine are markers of
a). Liver function
b). Renal function
c). Pancreatic function
d). Gastric function
Q10. Which of the following bilirubin is
insoluble in water
a). Conjugated
b). Direct
c). Unconjugated
d). Urobilinogen
Section B
Part: II Long answer type question (Answer any two of the following)
(5x2 =10)
Q1. Describe the Renal Function tests based on Urine Examination (Physical, Microscopic &
Biochemical Examinations)
Q2. Write in detail about the mechanism of Urea cycle.
Q3. Explain the tests based on serum enzymes for the diagnosis of Liver diseases
Section C
Part: III Short answer type question (Answer any four of the following)
Q1. What are the types and clinical feature of Jaundice?
Q2. Write short note on protein turnover and nitrogen balance
Q3. What are the different types of Electron Transport Complexes?
Q4. Describe the transamination and deamination
Q5. Write the renal function tests based on glomerular filtration rates
Q6. Describe the lipid profile tests
(2.5X4= 10)