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Evaluation 7

Evaluation 7
1. What constitutes a ‘good life’ to you?
What constitutes a good life is up to the individual. But for me, A good life is one in
which you don't need much to be happy and content, rather than having a lot. A good life
is one in which you learn to appreciate every moment of it. When you learn to be
happy now. When you realize you don't have to wait for someone or something else to
make you happy in the future. The sooner you understand that life is a sequence of tries
and errors, the better. What others may consider a mistake has turned out to be a turning
point in my life. Even when people have betrayed me, my heart has been crushed, and I
have been misunderstood or judged, I have managed to learn from everything and have
never lost the lesson, even when I have lost everything else.
2. To what extent do scientific advancements impact your idea of a good life?
Scientific advancements impact my idea of good life pretty much everyday, especially to
a student like me who attends online classes amidst of pandemic. It helped me to do my
homework and activities efficiently. Technology leads to a good life as it is responsible
for advancement in all sectors of the economy. It is because it provides us a means to
achieve something faster and in an easier manner. Modern technology has led to the
evolution of several devices such as the smartphone, computers, etc.