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Rizal has been known to publish various books that emphasized the life that has been
experienced by the Filipinos during the time of the Spanish colonization. He has been passionate
towards seeking justice and exposing the evil doings of the colonizers. The first novel he has ever done
was entitles Noli Me Tangere that is aimed towards the corruptions done by the friars which they keep
enriching themselves exploiting the resources and powers all for them. But Rizal’s passion through
novels and writings does end here, he later published his second novel which was the El Filibusterismo
that was dedicated to the unjust executions of the Filipino Priests GomBurZa. Rizal wrote his third novel
but it was not finished, this novel was entitled Makamisa. This novel was written for a priest that is now
well-mannered but unfortunately, this piece was unfinished.
According to Ocampo (2018), the works of Rizal that he left would take too much understanding
wholeheartedly. In today’s generations, despite the unlimited resources provided, his literary works’
complexities still lingers on. That is why most of todays’ citizen did not bother to read and tends to forget
the happenings of the past. In order for an individual to know about the works and the life of the national
hero, one must be full of effort in reading Rizal. His works are already transcribed and given many
volumes despite having complex double-meaning pieces that aims to point out political issues.
The works of Rizal turns out to be complex which gives difficulty for the citizens to read and
understand. This must also be the reason why it is complicated to those who would like to patronize.
The efforts and passion of Rizal is clearly poured out to each piece of his novels that are written for the
citizens to wake up and choose freedom from the hands of the colonizers. Collecting and transcribing
its words and giving understanding to the underlying meaning of the pieces takes times which tends to
cause most of today’s generation to neglect and not give attention to the novels.
According to Capino et al (1997) the struggle of liberalism was answered and solved by the
works of Rizal, establishing knowledge and understanding towards freedom – meaning, the citizens in
the country are allowed to have freedom in selling and trading what they want. However, this entailed
the growth of various labor problems and disputes of capitalism, the works of Rizal has contributed to
independence and freedom yet misunderstood by the citizens of this country.
The works and passion of the Rizal’s writing has reached almost everyone including the
merchants, the government and the likes. This has abled the citizens and men to fight for democracy
and freedom because this is essential for the country to grow in to a successful one. His works and
novels has created an opening to fight for the rights of the citizens against abusive leaders. However,
some aspects were merely understood and was brought into exaggeration. Due to the government
implementing little control over the market, it has created some serious market problems which has
been deemed much troublesome.
The novels and pieces that Rizal has produced was able to helped and produced good
outcomes. But outcomes does not always entail good, it also has negative effects and disadvantages.
Most of the younger generation tend to take the opportunity to study Rizal’s life for granted in the reason
of piece complexity despite having resources that can be found everywhere. His works are also
misunderstood by many due to the complex meaning circling around the novels. But Rizal has clearly
put his passion unto his literary works in the hopes of reaching the future generations to understand
and inspire the citizens of the country to fight against colonization.
Jose Rizal never failed to remind us that the future falls in our hands, which we need to act to
seek freedom and justice against politicians that have done wrong in our country. Our national hero
has showed his passion and love for our country – who fought for independence with a pen which has
inspired others of his time to fight with him towards the nation’s freedom. We must also be passionate
and not neglect the course that tell about his life and works for us to be knowledgeable. Because
knowledge is power and through it, we can seek justice and end unjust ruling.
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