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Types of Energy Video Worksheet (1)

Video Capture Worksheet
Directions: Using the video link provided, answer the following questions in complete
1. Name the two (2) basic categories of energy and explain the difference between
kinetic energy and the potential
these two are the basic forms of energy
and we know that kinetic energy is the
energy of moving objects while potential
energy is energy that is stored
2. Name eight (8) other types of energy.
thermal energy
radiant energy
light energy
chemical energy
nuclear energy
electrical energy
gravitational energy
3. Describemechanical
how thermal
energy is produced and transferred.
is produced when there is a rise in temperature
4. Explain what radiant energy is. Describe how it is transferred.
energy that is transferred by
electromagnetic radiation, such as light,
X-rays, gamma rays, and thermal
5. Describe light energy. Explain how it is transferred.
Light travels in the form of a
wave when it travels
6. What spectrum does light energy travel through?
Visible light
Video Capture Worksheet
7. Explain how plants use light energy to make food.
During photosynthesis, plants trap
light energy with their leaves.
Plants use the energy of the sun
to change water and carbon
dioxide into a sugar called glucose
8. Explain what chemical energy is, and the category of energy it falls under. Describe
three (3) ways chemical energy is used.
Energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds
Chemical batteries
Natural gas
9. Where do we get nuclear energy from? Explain how this energy is released.
nuclear energy is the energy released by a chain reaction, especially
by fission or fusion.
nuclear energy uses fuel made from mined and processed uranium to
make steam and generate electricity.
10. What is electrical energy? Explain how it works.
Electrical energy is caused by moving electric charges called
11. Explain what gravitational energy is. How does it occur? Describe “higher
gravitational energy”.
Gravitational potential energy increases when two objects are brought further
12. What is mechanical energy? How is it transferred?
A mechanical energy transfer takes place
when work is done by a force over a
displacement (parallel with that force).