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Decorative paint techniques for interior walls

Decorative paint techniques for
interior walls
Do you feel like your interior design has grown outdated or stale? The
easiest place to transform to get a refreshed look for your homes is
your walls. In today’s generation, there are endless possibilities of
creative techniques available for your wall. With these techniques, it’s
very easy to completely transform your wall look without any
additional clutter. Here are the top 10 decorative wall paints for
home techniques that can give any room in your home a completely
inviting makeover, no matter what your aesthetic leanings or styles
1. Stencil
If you are a DIY enthusiast and looking for an easy way to add sophistication and intrigue to
your walls without the cost of hiring a professional, wall stencil is your answer. There are a
variety of stencils available online and once you get it, our creativity is your limit.
2. Metallics
Nothing works better than metallic paint for a truly crows stopping effect. Whether
you give your entire room a metallic hue or apply metallic accents for a layered look,
the output is going to be brilliant.
The harlequin wall pattern is classic and will instantly live up your room design. Colours
with subtle contrasts help to give a sophisticated look. You can also go for higher contrasts
in bold hues to get a vibrant and contemporary look.
Stripes as a wall design will never go out of style. While narrow and subtle stripes add a visual intrigue, broad
and bold contrasting stripes bring abundant visual flair.
5.Colour wash
If you are looking for texture and depth for your homes, colour washing is what you need. The technique
is very easy. You just need to coat your walls first with a satin based paint and then use a large brush to
paint over it.
6. Rag rolling
As the name suggests, rag rolling is a painting technique that includes rolling a rag up and down on
painted walls to add depth and texture to your room.
7. Polka dots
If you are not a DIY enthusiast but still are committed to updating your room on your own, polka
dots are the best way to bring some allure into your walls. This pattern is best for a child’s room
because of the happy making whimsy they bring.
8. Strie
Strie is a French word which refers to streaking. It is a technique for creating horizontal or vertical lines to
get a look that resembles linen material. It is one of the best ways to add stunning warmth and texture to
your space.
9. Checkerboard
Checkerboard patterns are another decorative painting technique that adds plenty of life and style
to your room. You can use similar and neutral colours for a textural effect and bold contrasts to get
a stylish signature splash in your home.
10. Sponging
Sponging is a straightforward technique where you use a spongy paint roller or just a sponge to add a
dynamic texture to the walls.
Painting your walls with these innovative designs will add plenty of life and style to your space. Here
are the top ten decorative paint Dubai ideas for your walls. So what are you waiting for? Grab your
paint and get started!