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Software Quality Engineering
Assignment# 01
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Areeb Arshad
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June 23rd, 2021
Q1. What are the latest research topics in the field of SQA?
Some Topics:
1. Defect Prediction:
This topic describe, how and where we can make prediction to find out the
software future defects. It gives us a brief overview of software defect prediction
and its components. It also tell us about the challenges while software defect
prediction (SDP). It highlights current trends and also about some game changers
that had impact on SDP. From this, we can predict future defect that saves our long
term time while software development. In result, we can achieve software quality.
2. State of the art in Software Quality Assurance:
The authors present a summary of their understanding of the publications
that appeared in the computing literature that covers some aspects of software
quality assurance. It includes eight sub-topics that includes quality models, timely
QA feedback, design level QA, etc.
3. Software inspection and software testing techniques:
Software inspection and software testing is very important to achieve
software quality. As with the passage of time, the complexity of the software is
increasing, the testing and inspection is also getting complex. Due to this
complexities, software have a lot of errors. We should apply different testing and
inspection techniques like unit testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and
usability testing etc. to make sure the quality of software.
4. Quality and time pressure:
This topic will cover how we achieve Software quality under the time
pressure of deliverables. Some developers use shortcuts to make it on time. Even
project managers do shortcuts to lessen the risk of deadline. It explains the formal
relationship between deadline setting policy and software quality product.
5. Importance of Software Metrics in SQA:
Software matrices provide us quantitative analysis for software
development. From these matrices we can improved software quality. Software
Quality Assurance is depends on these matrices. And this need a connection
between software quality models and software matrices. From this quality factor
we can measure method for software quality assurance.
Research Papers References:
1. Defect Prediction: Accomplishments and Future Challenges:
2. State of the art in Software Quality Assurance:
3. The Effects of Time Pressure on Quality in Software Development: An
Agency Model:
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