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C-Test Assignment- Internship-WriterOnRent

Assignment: Write an article based on the title and information given below. Make sure you
follow the guidelines and include all the keywords.
Title: Everything You Need to Know About Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Keywords: narcissistic personality disorder, narcissist meaning, narcissist definition, covert
narcissist, narcissistic abuse, narcissistic behavior, malignant narcissist, narcissistic traits,
narcissists, signs of a narcissist, narcissistic relationship, define narcissistic, narcissistic
personality, narcissism
Word Limit: Min. 500
Keyword Density: 2%
Write an informational, well-researched article. Your content should be of value to the
reader. It should be relevant to the current times.
Make sure you include a short introduction and conclusion. (Around 100 words each)
Use bullet points and subheadings. Do not write long paragraphs.
Do not use long, complicated sentences. (4-5 lines in a paragraph are sufficient)
Pay attention to the flow of the article. Your content should be coherent and to the point.
The tone of the article should be conversational and light. Do not use loaded jargon and
synonyms unnecessarily.
The content should be completely plagiarism-free.
Check for grammar and punctuation. Use active voice as much as possible.
Make sure your document is formatted uniformly. Check the font size, alignment, line
spacing, etc.
As a footnote, tell us whom did you assume to be the target audience for this article. Also,
tell us about the main message you wanted to convey through the article. (Around 50-70
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