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A test to consider together

A quiz on human rights:
1. What can be defined as human rights?
(a) The benefits granted to any adult person.
(b) The entitlements for those lawfully residing in a given country.
(c) The rights inherent to all human beings.
2. What makes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so unique?
(a) It was drafted by people from all over the world.
(b) It sets common standards on human rights protection.
(c) Both previous answers.
3. Is human rights education relevant?
(a) It is only relevant for those working in the legal profession.
(b) It is only relevant for those presenting complaints on human rights
(c) It is relevant for all human beings.
4. Are human rights related to the sustainable development goals?
(a) Yes, the SDGs are directly linked with human rights standards.
(b) Yes, but the relation is negligible.
(c) No, there is no connection.
5. Is there any review about the human rights situation in all UN Member
(a) Yes, there is a periodic review made by all UN Member States about
their human rights situation.
(b) Yes, but only for specific human rights in certain UN Member States.
(c) No, there is no mechanism to conduct this kind of review.