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LP Detailed ENG 8 The Vanity of the Rat

Teacher: Regine U. Dela Peña
Date: June 11, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
Grade: 1
Curriculum Guide: EN8LT-IVh-3: Appreciate how a selection is influenced by culture, history,
and environment.
At the end of the lesson, the student should be able to:
a. Bring out ideas about a particular aspect of the material viewed,
b. answer the asked questions proficiently,
c. perform an informal debate about a featured issue in the selection using
effective verbal communication skill; and
d. give the moral lesson/ message of the selection.
A. Topic: "The Vanity of the Rat" A Korean Folktale: by T. Y. Pyun
B. Materials: Manila Paper, pictures, pentel pen, and construction paper
C. References: K-12 Learners Guide Module 4 pp. 517-520
D. Values: The parents should respect each decisions and do not be
insensitive and greedy.
Teacher’s Activity
Student’s Activity
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Daily Routine
1.1 Prayer
Ms. Rhemilyn kindly lead the
Our Father.. .. ..
1.2 Checking of Attendance
Class, whose absent today?
One student will tell who’s absent.
Okay, thank you.
Yes Ma’am.
Do you have an assignment
Okay ma’am.
Okay, pass your assignment to
the front without making any
2. Review of the Previous Lesson
Ma’am, Our lesson last meeting was about the
Singapore and its development as the years passed
What was our lesson last meeting
Anyone from the class?
Yes, Mr. Chris
Yes, Very Good.
Last Meeting, we’ve discussed about the
Singapore and its development as the years
passed by.
3. Unlocking of Difficulties
Let’s unlock some difficult words
that you might encounter in the middlw
of our lesson. You can use your
dictionaries or app dictionaries from
your phones but hide it after unlocking
the words.
Okay ma’am, thank you.
Fable- a short story
typically with animals as
characters, conveying a
moral lesson.
Vanity- is an excessive
pride in or admiration of
one’s own appearance or
Magnificent- is
impressively beautiful.
Burrow- is a hole or
tunnel dug by a small
4. Motivational Activity:
Class, I have something to show you
and I want you to guess the word
that best describes the four images
in each material presented.
Did you understand class?
Yes Ma’am.
What do you think are the pictures
(Raising their hands)
trying to convey?
It tries to convey about marriage ma’am.
Any other hand from the class?
Your ideas are all correct. The pictures
can give a lot of meaning and other
perceptions. Now, I have here another activity
to introduce.
B. Lesson Proper
(Various answers)
1. Activity
Class I will divide you into two groups
and each of the group will give words,
phrases, and sentences that could
associate to the result words of the
showed pictures.
I will provide you the materials and take
note that you will present your output in
front of the class.
Did you understand class?
Very good! Let’s now proceed to the
Presentation of the lesson:
Any representative from the group,
come here in front and pick a strip of
paper. The group who got the number
one will be the first to present their
output in front of the class.
Good morning ma’am, good morning classmates, this
Okay, group 1, you can now share your
is our output. We write ring, partner, and marriage
because it is quite similar to the showed pictures.
That’s all, thank you.
Very good! Let’s give them WOW clap.
Did you understand class?
2. Analysis
(Raising their hands)
1. Why do parents tend to interfere with
the love affairs of their children?
(Various students will answer the questions
2. How important marriage is?
Very good! Our lesson for this day is
fable story entitled "The Vanity of the
Rat." I will give you time to watch,
listen the video narration. You can
also read the selection provided to
Yes Ma’am.
each of you.
Did you understand class?
3. Abstraction
1. Are the events/ happening in real
(Raising their hands)
life situation? Why?
2. How is this practice similar/ different
(Various answer)
with that of Filipinos?
5. Would you allow your parents to
choose your lifetime partner? Why?
4. Application
We have an activity called "Convince
Me." You will perform an informal debate with
the same group you have. We will focus on the
one will play positive side and group two will
play negative sides. You only have ten minutes
to do The activity and we have rubrics basis in
giving you a rate for the performance of each
Yes Ma’am.
Did you understand class?
Delivery/ Communication Skills - 35
clear utterance of every word
accurate use of sentences, structure and
(Various answer)
controlled of tone voice
Content- 40
ideas are relevant/related to the issue
the degree of ideas/reasoning is intensified
(Raising their hands)
Body Language- 25
commitment and enthusiasm are evident
use hands, body and eyes appropriately in
effectively giving ideas
(Various answer)
displays proper posture and refrain from
making or unacceptable actions.
IV. Evaluation
Class, get one-half sheet of paper and write an
essay by answering this question: What is the
message of the story or the moral lesson
you’ve learned from the story?
The rubrics are:
Grammar- 10
Content- 5
Coherence- 5
TOTAL - 20
V. Agreement
Look for a family picture where there is
gathering or event that shows family bonding
and love to your family. Paste it in a long bond
Okay ma’am.
paper and write a caption or a short description
of the picture.
Did you understand class?
Yes Ma’am.