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1.Explain any three functions of the human resources management department? [8]
2.Explain the differences between internal and external recruitment
3.Discuss possible reasons why external recruitment might be more beneficial to a business than
internal recruitment
4.Explain two methods of selection that might be used to select a new sales manager for a car retail
5.Outline two advantages of using interviews as a method of selecting a new employees [4]
6.Briefly explain three ways in which an HR department can improve staff morale and welfare [6]
7.Give two advantages of :
i) on-the-job training
ii)of-the-job training
8.Distinguish between redundancy and dismissal
9.Distinguish between a job description and a person specification.
10.What is meant by the term staff appraisal
11.What is meant by term ‘work-life balance’
12.Explain why it is important to both the business and the employee to have a contract of
employment between them