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The importance of performance appraisal in coordination with both job analysis and recruitment as well as selection

Group Discussion:
What is the importance of Performance Appraisal in coordination with
both Job Analysis and Recruitment as well as Selection?
There are two outstanding benefits that performance appraisal brings to JA
and Recruitment/Selection:
First, to appraisers/employers, It is the basis to measure employee’s
performance specifically, then make smart decisions about Recruitment/Selection
in internal human resources. Apart from that, managers can find potential
candidates who are existing staffs, and more focus on training them by offering
them some expert courses, sending them to a business trip… As a result,
improving the quality of workforce, encouraging the enterprise’s promotion and
then creating more job positions – an opportunity to carry out and gradually
improve Recruitment/Selection Process of the company.
Next, to employees, they are offered information and appraisals about their
working results, they are clarified about what achievements they got and what
downsides has still existed in the previous working period. So It is not only the
motivation to effort for them, but also the basis for them to define themselves,
adjust their way of working to suitable to the Job Analysis that employers required