04-Study Guide Prenatal Development and Birth

04-Study Guide
Prenatal Development and Birth
#1-Discuss pregnancy confirmation, including what needs to occur before
pregnancy can be confirmed by blood or urine tests, and when this occurs.
#2-List the three stages of prenatal development and the timing of each of these.
#3-Discuss the germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages of development, along with the
main items that happen during that time.
#4-Discuss the two stages of labor and what happens during each stage.
#5-Discuss the Apgar scale and the five factors that determine the score.
#6-Discuss both tratogens and behavioral tratogens, indicating the difference
between these two.
#7-Discuss methods to avoid tratogens, along with the threshold effect of these.
#8-Discuss the causes of low birth weight and small for gestational age (SGA).
#9-Discuss the newborn reflexes that aid survival, and those that show the state of
brain and body functions.