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Big Benchas Overhead Press Program

The Overhead Press is arguably the toughest pressing movement out there. From a
standing position this press can leave some shaking their heads to why they aren’t
lifting more. The rate of progression on this movement is often times very slow and
frustrating which leads to lifters forgoing it altogether.
I have found there to be a strong correlation between one’s ability to develop a stronger,
more efficient overhead press, and their strength on the bench press. Simply put, if you
have a strong OHP, you typically will have a strong bench. When lifters overhead press
goes up, their bench typically follows!
This program is a progression I have used effectively amongst our team to help develop
overhead strength. Follow this program and watch your overhead press become
stronger, and in turn, your bench will go up!
The technique within the overhead press really isn’t anything different than what I teach
for bench press. You can think of the overhead press as a bench press in the standing
position. Everything from the ground up needs to be engaged in a chain just like in the
bench. I bring technique up because over the course of the program you are going to
want to actively work towards developing a stronger form. If you just go through the
motions of the program you ​might​ get stronger, but if you actively work on your
technique as well, you ​will​ get stronger.
The video below is a great OHP Technique 101 video of ours!
The Program
Block 1 (5 Rep)
Week 1 - OHP 5x5 (RPE 7)
Week 2 - OHP 3x5 (RPE 8)
Week 3 - OHP 10x3 (RPE 3)
Week 4 - OHP 5 Rep Max
Block 2 (3 Rep)
Week 5 - OHP 5x3 (RPE 7)
Week 6 - OHP 3x3 (RPE 8)
Week 7 - OHP 10x3 (RPE 3)
Week 8 - OHP 3 Rep Max
Block 3 (1 Rep)
Week 9 - OHP 5x1 (RPE 7)
Week 10 - OHP 3x1 (RPE 8)
Week 11 - OHP 10x3 (RPE 3)
Week 12 - OHP 1 Rep Max
As you’ll see the program is very progressive in nature and works extremely well if done
right. The key here is leaving a bit in reserve during the first 2 weeks of a block. You
want to challenge yourself but you cannot turn the designated reps into a rep max too
The first week should be moderate weight. Leave about 2-3 reps in reserve this week,
and focus on technical execution.
The second week, push a little harder but still leave about 1-2 reps in reserve. We want
to challenge ourselves more this week without running the risk of missing any reps.
The third week of any block is a chance to deload. This includes a 10x3 session with
very light weight. Here you are focused on being quick and explosive. For example,
someone overhead pressing a max of 250 lbs might use 105-135 lbs this session
(40-50%). You can add additional band or chain tension if available and as long as it
doesn’t slow down your bar speed too much. Rest less than 15 sec between sets this
session! The 10x3 should be over in about 3 minutes time!
The fourth week of a block is a rep max. This is your opportunity to push yourself with
some heavy weight! Make sure your warm up is 6-7 sets with smart jumps as to not
fatigue too early. At the end of 12 weeks you will have an opportunity to test a new 1 rep
This program gets run as a main movement on a second pressing day for our athletes.
If you find yourself progressing slowly (which is normal for OHP), you can add in
additional shoulder work in the form of targeted delt work (ex. lateral raises).
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