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the Philippines be a COVID FREE country if our
President already took action on the first COVID-19 Patient?
Person 1;
-Yes and No,Yes kung magtetake ng action yung president naten
na unahin yung may mga Covid-19 syempre madedecrease yung
mga bilang ng Covid Patients and No naman kung yung ibang
tao namn hindi parin susunod sa safety protocols kasi ganun rin
babalik rin sa dati.Magiging covid free lang tayo kung susunod
lang tayo sa mga protocols.
Person 2;
-Of course it is because nothing can stop the pandemic of no one
is moving to stop the pandemic so im sure someone can prevent
and we people can stop the pandemic.
2.Why does Philippines is still having an increasion of rate of
the Covid-19 positive patients if the government already warned
the Filipino citizen?
Person 1;
-Dahil marami pa talagang makukulit na tao na ayaw sumunod
sa SAFETY PROTOCOLS kahit na nawawarning na at di pa rin
nasusunod minsan yung SOCIAL DISTANCING.
Person 2;
-Because some of te people is so tough and not following the
HEALTH PROTOCOL also they are complacent that there is no
Covid anymore or Covid is not harm full so that is why many
people suffered and still rising that affect many people.
3.If the Covid-19 vaccines that are rolled out for the ages of 18Senior Citizens are suitable for them, why there are reports of
cases of deaths because of the vaccine?
Person 1;