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Introduction of inappropriate technologies – machineries na sila na yung
gumagawa sa mga gawain dapat ng tao.
 In turn, nagkakaroon ng kaunting job positions.
 For developing countries, it is not practical. Pero nga dahil inintroduce at advice
ng mga developed countries, minsan, natatangay yung decision making ng
developing countries.
 To bridge the digital world, inaavail yung technologies without considering the
hazard or harm especially sa privacy ng citizens and the country. Yung goal na
makapagbuild ng maraming work and to secure people, these are harmed because
of technoscape and mediascape for culture.
Ethical Relativism
 A theory that there are no ethical standards that are true absolutely
 An ethical standard is true depends on (is relative to) what a particular culture or society accepts
or believes.
“ There is no such thing as best method. The only best method is the method that works.”
 Maraming theories, frameworks and principles that we can base on our decisions. But then, if
hindi nagwork ang isa, wag mo nang ipilit.
 Not because nagwork sa iba ay magwowork na rin sa iyo. Same with sa economy natin. If
nagwork yung economic model for one country ay gagamitin na rin sa Philippines. It won’t
justify all aspects of the country’s society kasi iba ang justification for other countries.