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1 – Heavy Lifting
You'll use two different options for the heavy method. Stick with each for 2 or
3 weeks then switch to the other one. Those two methods are rest/pause and
1 – For the rest/pause
Your work set will require a weight that you can lift for 4 to 6 reps. You'll
complete as many technically correct reps as you can with that weight. Your
goal will then be to double that number of reps. To do that you take short rest
For example, let's say that you get 5 reps in the initial bout. This means you
want to do 10 total reps for your set. After your 5 reps you'll rest for 15
seconds. Then you might get an extra 3 reps. This means you'll need to get 2
more reps. Rest another 15 seconds and then you'll be capable of getting the
last 2 reps.
2 – For the clusters
Use a weight that you could lift for 2-4 reps. Then do as many sets of 1 rep
as possible with 15-20 seconds of rest between each. Stop when you know
that the next rep will be iffy. It might look like this:
• 1 rep, rest 15 seconds
• 1 rep, rest 15 seconds
• 1 rep, rest 20 seconds
• 1 rep, rest 20 seconds
• 1 rep
2 – mTOR Activation
The two types of actions that have the greater impact on mTor activation are
accentuated eccentrics and loaded stretching (holding a muscle contraction
while in a stretched position).
So you'll use a nice torture method called post-fatigue loaded stretching. You
pick a weight you can do 8-10 reps using a slow negative – lowering under
control for 4-5 seconds. Go to muscle failure or very close to it. When you
reach that point, go down to the stretched position and hold the weight for as
long as tolerable. It's a great way to stimulate growth, but also to improve
mobility and stability.
3 – Fiber Fatigue (Myo Reps)
For maximum muscle fiber fatigue you'll use the myo rep method developed
by Borge Fagerly. It's a form of rest/pause. You reach failure or close to it,
then do as many micro-sets of 3 reps as possible with around 20 seconds of
When you can only get 2 reps on a micro-set, you stop. The initial set can
use any number of reps from 6 to 20, but with this program we'll use a weight
that you can get 10-12 reps with.
Start by doing as many reps as you can with that weight, then rest 20
seconds and do 3 more reps. Rest 20 seconds and do 3 more reps. Continue
doing that until you can only get 2 additional reps. If you can get more than 5
micro-sets you likely faked yourself in that original set and didn't go close
enough to failure.