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Words to Live By Instructions

Words to Live By
Grade: 9 (Spring)
Standards: Writing
● CCW 9-10: 7,8
● CCL 9-10: 5
● 2 Writing Days
● 1 Writer’s Workshop
● 1 Correction Day and due date
Students demonstrate language concepts to become stronger writers.
Students demonstrate appropriate writing style for the prompt provided and
develop strong introductions, body paragraphs and conclusion.
Students the ability to conduct a short research project to answer a question or
solve a problem.
Students demonstrate the ability to gather relevant information from multiple
expert sources and properly cite the information found.
1. Choose a theme, phrase or saying that expresses the way in which you choose to view
2. Research, Locate, cite, and analyze a series of quotes associated with the important
element of your life.
a. Develop a list of 8-12 quotations.
b. Create an MLA “Works Cited” page. (easybib.com)
c. Analyze EACH quote (i.e. break down each quote by examining them closely and
applying them to the elements and aspects of your life).
3. Write an analytical essay about the WORDS by which you Live by and the connection
those words have by creating a theme to your life.
a. Be sure to develop your thesis thoroughly by selecting and analyzing the most
significant and relevant details and quotations.
b. Word Count: 500-750 words.
c. Word Processed (NO HAND WRITTEN PAPERS)
d. The final page should be the Works Cited page in MLA format.