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Animal Farm Cryptogram to use before reading the novel - ANSWERS

Animal Farm Cryptogram - ANSWERS:
The author of Animal Farm (last name only):
A story that is actually an extended metaphor:
Animal Farm is an allegory for:
The RusSian Revolution
A regime that essentially controls everything:
Orwell was concerned with social
and the mistreatment of the lower classes.
Orwell also wrote about political
and its ability to corrupt good people.
The Russian people were angry about
Food shortages
_P_ _O_ _W_ _E_ _R_ over the royal family,
and growing
_P_ _O_ _ L_ _I_ _T_ _I_ _C_ _A_ _L_
Leader of the Red Army:
Communist agitator who rivaled Lenin and was
later ordered to be murdered by Joseph Stalin.
These were symbols of the Russian Revolution:
Hammer and sickle
This is what happened to Nicholas II, meaning he
was formally removed from his role as tsar.
His slogan was “All power to the Soviets!”(last name) LeNin’s
Lenin was considered the founder of the
Party of the Soviet Union, leader of the Bolshevik
Revolution of 1917, and first head of the Soviet state.
The Bolshevik’s, led by Lenin, undermined the war
effort through the use of this technique
Last tsar of Russia who badly handled Russia’s role
In World War I.
Nicholas II
Lenin’s first name
This is where George Orwell was born
Born Eric Arthur Blair, George Orwell is really his
peN name
The Bolshevik Revolution is also called the
OCtober Revolution
Lenin’s focus was on peace,
brEad, and land
First novel, DOwn and
Out in Paris and London,
examines a life of poverty.
Pull the noted letters above down into the blanks below in order of appearance in order
to complete a quote made famous by the American author Mark Twain.
“It’s EASIER to FOOL people THAN to CONVINCE them they’ve
been FOOLed.”
Think about the above quote. Explain in a few sentences what you think it means.
Based on what you’ve learned today and the quote, make a couple of predictions about
Animal Farm.