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About choosing an LED floodlight for a summer hearthstone

About choosing an LED floodlight for a summer
The Pakistan is a place of rest and relaxation after working days and city
bustle, where you want to make your rest as comfortable as possible. And
one of the main factors of comfort is good lighting, including on the
suburban area itself. LED Flood Lights are ideal for street lighting in the
country. It is no exception that in addition to the lighting itself, a person is
worried about the efficiency of electricity consumption, and the quality of
the spotlight itself, so that it does not have to be changed after a short
period of time.
Why exactly LED Flood lights?
The main argument is the lowest electricity consumption among its
competitors. If we compare a lamp and an LED floodlight, then to replace a
halogen with a power of 500 W, an LED floodlight of only 50 W will be
enough. It is hard to argue with this fact, since the Pakistan is the place
where unnecessary overpayments are completely unnecessary.
As a rule, you want to hang the street spotlight on the site once and not
think about it for the coming years. If we consider lamp fixtures from this
point of view, then this is impossible. Lamps constantly burn out, and they
have to be changed every now and then, and often completely the lamp,
because ballasts, contacts, etc. can fail. But the LED floodlight will fully
cope with this task, and for the next 5-7 years you can forget about it. The
actual service life of some models reaches 100,000 hours. And in the
conditions of suburban lighting, such a floodlight will last for a decade.
What external factors can an LED floodlight face in
the country?
To this day, voltage drops in the 220 V network are relevant everywhere,
but in summer cottages this happens quite often. Choosing an LED
floodlight, you can forget about this problem, since they can withstand
short-term voltage drops from 85 to 265V, but the lamps are unlikely to
cope with this unpleasant phenomenon.
What power of the floodlight should you choose?
Consider a standard example of a summer cottage.
This land is about 8 acres, surrounded by a fence about 2 meters high and a
house or some kind of building. For such a territory, it is enough to buy
LED floodlights with a power of 20 W to 50 W. When choosing such
capacities, it will be easy to achieve very high quality lighting. From
practice: for giving a small area, 30 W floodlights are suitable. They can be
installed both on the fence around the perimeter of the site, and on the
building itself.
More powerful floodlights can be used on areas of more than 10 acres,
since they have a fairly large luminous flux and can cause discomfort, this
should also be taken into account.
Motion sensor for an LED Flood light in the
Street lighting in the country is used only at night, and even then not very
often. Sometimes it happens that it makes no sense to just turn on the light
at night so that it burns into empty space. In this case, it is worth
considering an LED floodlight with a motion sensor. These spotlights will
automatically turn on the light only at the moment when it is directly
needed. For example, when someone walks by, the rest of the time he is off.
It is possible to set the most comfortable operation settings on the motion
sensor, namely the operating time when switched on and the day/night
Summing up this article, we note the main thing that if you choose lighting
for a summer residence, then without any doubt you should make a choice
in favor of LED floodlights, and choosing ordinary ones or with a motion
sensor is an individual question, it all depends on how and for what
purpose it is. Will be used.