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This is a thesis proposal on designing a Hill Resort of 40 keys.
This covers design problems related to resort, from case studies, literature
studies, program formulation, site selection and design.
The resort proposed here, is a tourist resort, which provides hospitality
incorporating all the necessary facilities and amenities.
This resort will perform multiple functions, as it will have restaurants, Lodging
suites, Individual Cottages, Health Club and recreational spaces like Swimming
Pool, indoor and outdoor activities.
This thesis deals with how the architectural features can be fitted into the
landscape by trying to enhance the serenity with the new landmark that would
retain as far as possible the same language as it were and the same scale as its
natural surroundings.
The project aims to create an ecologically sound, balance community that will
preserve the existing values and traditions and reinforce the natural qualities of
the site and its potentials.
The architectural elements of this project to be consisted with the highest
standards of environmentally sound planning and the best interest of the people
and the nature.