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Religion and Ethics

Name: Rey Joseph P. Habagat
Program & Year: BTVTEd - ELX 4
Instructor: Zandee Jaquias
Subject & Section: Ethics - FN1
Activity: Religion and Ethics
Short Essay:
1. Every religion talks about the ultimate reality beyond this world we live in (like
heaven, salvation, etc.). Is it good to make it a motivation to be ethical? Why? Kindly
give an example(s) if applicable.
Yes definitely, Most religions have an ethical component, often derived from
purported supernatural revelation or guidance. Some assert that religion is
necessary to live ethically.
2. What is/are the program(s) of your respective religion that calls for moral
development or social concerns? (In case if you have no religion, just answer if you
know any religion(s) that has kind of program(s) and what are those).