Personal Ethics Statements - knead-2

Personal Ethics Statements
Professional Competence
1. Assure an appropriate level of professional knowledge sufficient to support
consulting and teaching practice.
2. Perform professional duties with discretion in the use of confidential information.
3. Prepare concise and truthful communications after analysis of relevant
Outcome: Professional Competence Maintained
Personal Integrity
1. Avoid and/or clarify issues that lead to conflict of interest.
2. Recognize and communicate personal limitations (both in knowledge and
experience) that prohibit successful professional performance.
3. Communicate clearly favorable and unfavorable information.
Outcome: Personal Integrity Maintained
Ethical Conflict
1. Discuss problems that lead to unethical behavior.
2. Define ethical issues involving confidential information.
3. Act ethically to others thus modeling proper behavior.
Outcome: Ethical Conflict Minimized
Klaus Tenbergen
Personal Ethics Statement