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Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Exercise

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Exercise: adapted from Warriner’s Fourth Course pages 459-460.
Directions: Underline the correct one of the two verbs given in parentheses in each of the
following sentences.
1. The coach, along with two assistants, (was, were) yelling at the players.
2. Georgia O’Keeffe, of all painters, (captures, capture) the mystery of the West.
3. They (wasn’t, weren’t) interested in learning how to play the accordion.
4. Carlos, not Martha or Jan, (was, were) answering all the letters.
5. Many of them (has, have) already read the novel.
6. The Birds (was, were) one of Alfred Hitchcock’s great movies.
7. Samantha, a Persian cat with expensive tastes (is, are) partial to lobster.
8. That collection of short stories (is, are) interesting to read.
9. Mrs. Williams, as well as two of her neighbors (is, are) on the budget committee.
10. A few of the men, including Mr. Gomez, (isn’t, aren’t ) convinced the mayor is right.
11. Could it be that nobody among all the world’s animal lovers (wants, want ) to take these puppies
off my hands?
12. (Doesn’t, Don’t) Chuck want to join the Air Force when he graduates?
13. Caroline, like most of her classmates (wishes, wish) vacation could last forever.
14. A package of nuts and bolts (was, were) delivered to the hardware store.
15. There (is, are) some good programs on the educational television station.
16. Neither of his teammates (was, were) open for the pass.
17. The collection of Jill Krementz’s photographs (is, are) drawing large crowds at the gallery.
18. It (doesn’t, don’t) look good for our school’s basketball league this season.
19. (Doesn’t, Don’t ) all of you remember your very first swimming lesson?
20. Both of the skaters (is, are) hoping to become members of the Olympic team.