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CHM ReactionPaper

Loresto, Gabriel Hans N.
Reaction Paper
“What Analytical Chemists do: A Personal Perspective” is an article by
Gary D. Christian that tackles about if not all then some of the specifics of
what is done in the field of Analytical chemistry and how the said field is
used in our everyday lives, ranging from checking vitamin content of food up to
obtaining objective evidences to be used in criminal cases through the use of
forensics. The article also mentioned some of the tools and equipment that was
used throughout history and progression of Analytical Chemistry, and how some
of these equipment and devices were used in the different processes in analyzing
chemicals, molecules and many more.
To be honest, the main scope of Analytical Chemistry is already
interesting enough for me, and being able to read more about how it can be used
in different ways that I might have not known is quite an eye opener for me on
what I want to do in the future, especially when I only have a little idea of
what is done in the field of forensics, even though it is the field I want to
take up sometime in the future. The only source of what I knew about forensics
was the ones I saw in movies and TV shows, I never really got to read more about
it, but when I came across the topic of Gas electrophoresis or also known as
genomics in the article, it made realize how complex the different processes
forensic scientists dive into to become of use in making use of the smallest
details that can be found in criminal cases to become proper and objective
evidences to be used in the court of law. Even learning about the topic of the
usage of Gas Chromatography to check or confirm visibility or indication of
illegal substances inside our bodies was quite interesting and was surprisingly
more complex than I first imagined.
This article by Gary D. Christian is quite easy to digest even for someone
like me that does not read that much, and I can say that it could be a great
first read and introduction to people who are interested in the field of
Analytical Chemistry.