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FAPP 6 Essay

How do human values and development help us and the country to survive and maintain a stable
economy and excellent and healthy living? Could good traits and characteristics can transform an
individual and the nation? As I read the article, I found many things that every Filipino should follow and
never neglect that may be the solution of all dilemmas we face in the present time. Value is a mixture of
three concepts as Idea, Quality, and Supervention.
Values are often regarded as the guiding principles of human behavior. They are considered moral
standards in society. Values are the essence of our personality and affect us making decisions, trusting
people, and arranging our time and energy in our social life. Values may be treated as keys to solving
many world problems. Human values are said to be the basis of human beings for leading a better life.
They are also often cited concerning various global and national issues.
We could conclude that human values are crucial to building the nation and an integral part of our
society. The article aims to empower every Filipino by sustaining human values and virtues, as cited in
the article. By this, the good qualities of every Filipino will be salient and vivid, not only in the country
but many countries will see the real Philippines and its capacity to grow and stand in terms of economy
and foreign policy. Eventually, it will result in Human dignity, which recognizes that human beings
possess a unique value intrinsic to their humanity and, as such, are worthy of respect simply because
they are human beings. Likewise, building the nation (Nation-Building), which structures a national
identity using the state's power, aims to unify the people to remain politically stable and viable in the
long run. Lastly, a sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
As they said, Filipinos are hospitable, respectful, and courteous, have strong family ties and religions, are
generous and helpful, strong work ethic, and are loving and caring. Then why do we still encounter
dilemmas and issues in the community and the government, especially the work ethics and the country
faced in the present time? Was it due to Filipino Crab Mentality, Kanya-Kanya- syndrome, or the culture
of palakasan at pataasan, and such?
Is the Ambisyon Natin 2040 possible and realistic, that envisions the Philippines as Matatag, Maginhawa,
at Panatag na buhay? Perhaps, yes. Suppose all individuals have the spirit of patriotism that gives honor,
pride, and love to the country. As cited in the article, these human values mobilize Filipinos for nationbuilding through the practical exercise of human values in our daily lives. And the transformation that
willingly accepts changes and development as individuals and as a country. In this world, everyone
wants change, but no one wants to become that change, no one wants to stand first, everyone wants
others to do something about it, but this is our country, our home. We all must take the initiative to do
something, hence instead of thinking about the change, be that change and help each other, support
each other and be kind. We people should always stand together because unity gives us power, strength
courage, but it is also needed and very important for our survival.
In conclusion, Unity or Pagkakaisa of all Filipinos should be one of the keys to success. Human values are
the driving force behind many campaigns. They are why people commit their lives to making changes,
and they can unite opposing groups with limited ability to deliver on their promises. Because unity is
needed for survival, it helps to grow, works wonders, and gives courage.