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Have you ever blamed the government for your problems? Obviously, most of you nodded and said yes,
actually me too! But, let me ask you all again, did you ever looked at the mirror and realized sometimes that the
problem is really you? Well, that’s not a simple question, it’s a general truth. As early as can be, I’m assuring you
that I’m not defending the State. Yet I’ll just stop all of you from proudly eating your flaws as Filipinos from the
problems we have in the table.
Don’t you think it’s weird while our countrymen make fun of others back home, they complain as
victims of discrimination abroad? Yes, you’ve heard it right, the first thing we have in our plates is racial
discrimination. Let’s all admit that we’re guilty in hating the Chinese ones and looking down on Indians with
stinky body odor who live off through ‘5-6’ usury business. See that? Of course not, because we’re so busy to
take pride and not understand that we’re just like them. We must set our minds that not all of them are like that
kind of people we thought. As we plead that we’re different in our own ways to other races, we should treat them
equally right first.
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated 1.25 million pedestrians die every year because of
jaywalking, violated the speed limit, beating the red light and such. These will lead us to our next thing on our
menu, the self-righteousness disobedience. The Filipinos are certified rule-breakers because of that habit, we’re
very much confident that we’re doing the right thing even this makes us the disobedient ones. Well, I’m sure that
most of us here are getting a decent education which is enough to influence anyone to follow simple rules. From
the white lanes where we must cross on the right time to the common signs we always see around, we, as the
privileged youth must take the lead on following it so that, if the narrow-minded oldies can’t obey those
regulations, the younger ones can be our hope at least to imitate us in a good way.
In connection of what is on the menu earlier, I’m now serving to all of you a plate of sizzling hot Filipino
indiscipline. Sunday, on the 16th day of June this year, approximately two million protesters flooded the streets of
Hong Kong and left the road spotless cleaned. I just laughed when I daydreamed that one day, this may also
happen in our country. That article is a big slap to Filipinos who simply contributes to 35,000 tons of garbage
daily as what Asian Development Bank (ADB) expert reported. Hence, we must continue to train young minds to
take their trash in the right place or their pockets if nowhere to go. This may be cliché as may sound but while it’s
early, we, educated people must know where our trash must be placed and don’t wait the illiterate ones pick up
our mess.
I know the government deserves the hurtful words of criticism from the Filipino people. Corruption,
poverty, terrorism and such things can absolutely blame to them because we have nothing to do with that. We
can’t change the fact that the majority of people/crocodiles in this administration are always hungry for the money
of our nation.
But before you accuse someone else, look at what you’ve done first. Some people may ask ‘Why just
nitpick on bad attitudes and do not offer solutions?’ All I can say to this is, I know we’re old enough to know how
to deal with these bad habits unless some of us failed our basic ‘good manners and right conduct’ classes years
ago. You can’t find the discipline to others if you, yourself don’t have it. Instead of blaming them, why not we
can be the solutions and as we raise our flag, we can be the best version of ourselves that our motherland can be
proud of. Until you’ll realize that sometimes, it’s not the government, it’s you.
Enjoy your meal! Thank you!