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Name: Mikee Natinga Norico
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Every July 4 of the year is commemorated as the Philippine American Friendship Day. It disguises as
the actual day when America granted Filipino independence on July 4, 1946. Several years passed by the
influences of America from the culture to the language are still manifested down today.
You describe the Filipino Society through artworks depicting American influences that are still
occurring in the country today. In at least three to five sentences, provide a brief description of your work.
Choose from any of the following:
a.) Cartoon
b.) Painting
c.) Photo Essay
d.) Collage
The English language was widely taught all over the country wherein Filipinos adopted American names.
Respectful Filipinos ways of greeting were replaced by merely saying ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. Protestantism was
introduced, more or less than 300, 000 Filipinos became protestant and there was a separation of the Burch or
state. Filipinos became more frank and humorous; “pagmamano” was replaced by kissing the cheeks of parents
and elders as a sign of respect. The American able to influence us the education, traditional Filipino food was
replaced. In summary we seemed to reject our own identity. Now, the relation between Americans and Filipinos
are friendly and warm, Filipinos love America and Americans.