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SS1. Globalization summary

2. U.S business groups says retaliation rising in China amid trade war:
+ China and US both raised tariffs on each other’s import => hurting their
=> lead to the decrease in export and investment decisions.
3. Top country of US trade partner annualy: CHina
+ Top country of US trade partner so far: Mexico
+ Top country of US trade partner most recent month: Canada
4. Trade war China vs US in the eye of Nike, COnverse, Adidas and other 170 shoe retailers.
“A trade war with China will burn a hole in American’s soles”
+ 25% tariffs on consumers, companies and US economy => catastrophic effects
+ Almost all shoes sold in the US are imported => the industry is terrified of tariffs.
=> Action taken to increase duties on Chinese footwear will have an immediate and longlasting effect on American indi and families.
Increased US tariffs on Chinese goods pushed many buyers to source the good elsewhere:
+ Chinese suppliers using neighboring countries like Vietnam to transport across borders,
relabel and ship them to the US to avoid penalties.
Companies planning to move production out of China to avoid US tariffs and preserve US
business face a particularly delicate balancing act.
Remain silent and low-key in voice for their sake in the trade war China-US.
companies looking to move some production from China to other Asian countries to avoid
mounting U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports that face difficulties:
+ New logistic market:
1. Logistics infrastructure in Southeast Asia are far less developed than China’s
2. factory work in Southeast Asia has been growing as companies have sought
lower costs while wages and other expenses in China have increased.