Name: _______________________________ USVA History

Name: _______________________________
USVA History
Study Guide – Chapter 7.1 – Regional Economies Create Differences
1. The new American republic prior to the Civil War experienced dramatic _________________
growth that included agriculture and industrialization.
2. American settlers poured westward from coastal states into the _____________________
region seeking economic opportunity in the form of land to own and farm.
3. In order to unify the various regions of the Unites States economically, __________________
developed the ________________________, a plan that called for internal improvements, tariffs,
and a new national bank.
4. The major types of internal improvements that included ____________, _________________,
and eventually ____________________ helped the growth of an industrial economy and
supported the westward movement of settlers.
5. The _______________________ was constructed in New York between the Hudson Rover at
Albany, and Lake Erie at Buffalo, and effectively linked the Northwest region around the Great
Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean at the port of New York City.
6. ___________________________’s invention of the ____________________ led to the spread
of the slavery-based system, especially in the Lower/Deep South.
7. In the Deep South, slavery expanded as the cultivation of the major cash crop of the region,
____________________, expanded significantly.
8. __________________________, or a difference between regions, in this case North vs. South,
was caused by competing or different economic interests.
9. The industrial North favored high ______________________ tariffs to protect northern
manufactured goods from foreign competition, whereas the ______________________ South
opposed high tariffs that made the price of imported goods more expensive.
10. The _______________________________ was the first protective tariff passed as part of
Henry Clay’s American System.